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 Recruiting guideline

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High Warlord
High Warlord

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PostSubject: Recruiting guideline   Tue Mar 18, 2008 8:20 am

Since we are a newly formed guild, we need to figure out what kind of goals we have for the guild. We've pretty much agreed that we will mainly be doing end game/raiding content with casual PVP. With this said, what kind of recruiting should be we doing?

First priority - figure out who is closing in on 70 or is at 70 and wants to be a part of the end game/raiding team. We will start with 10 main people for this team. What do we need? 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and 6 dps/cc. Essentially, I'd like for us to recruit the following:

2 mages
2-3 warriors
2 priests
1 druid
2 pallies
2 rogues
2 hunters
2 shamans

Once we get some practice at working together as a team, we'll be looking to expand again to get into the 25 man raids. I also encourage everyone to get together with each other for 2s, 3s, and 5s teams as it will also help with the teamwork. I am currently working as hard as my daughter will allow me to hit 70, but I figure it will probably take me around a week and a half to two weeks to hit 70 at this rate. I've been basically doing a full level (halfway to halfway) every day, so hopefully we can keep that pace at the very least. If you guys are out gold farming or leveling, keep an eye out for the above classes so we can move forward with our plans.

If you do decide to help in recruiting, ensure the people we bring in are mature, intelligent, and focused on teamwork. If those three attributes are not upheld by each of our members, we will fail in our goals. I appreciate any help given by any of our members to recruit new people. If someone you recruit turns out being something we do not desire, I will not hold it against you because I feel everyone is responsible for their own actions, regardless if they are 15 or 65.

I would like to keep a minimum of level 50 for those being recruited. People are allowed 1 alt until they have a level 70 character. I really think having an alternative is important so we don't get burnt out on our mains, though the mains should always be the primary focus for leveling. The alts do not need to be level 50 to join. The detailed rules will be covered in another topic.

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High Warlord
High Warlord

Posts : 65
Join date : 2008-02-18
Location : New York

PostSubject: Updated recruiting needs   Sat May 31, 2008 1:42 pm

Given our current difficulties in having consistent raid attendance, I've decided to open up recruiting again. This is happening for multiple reasons:

1. I know we can handle the tier 4 25 mans at the very least (Gruul's Lair and Mag's Lair). Given more people, we could easily do this.
2. Starting raids late, like 60-90 minutes after the scheduled start time, is not acceptable. We have the raid days and times scheduled to meet the needs of those raiding, enabling enough time to complete a full run. Since raid attendance is poor, we need to recruit more people to ensure the runs can be completed as scheduled.
3. Getting some new blood in the guild will add some new personalities and increase overall activity in the guild, as well as fill some raiding spots where we are lacking.

I would like to see the following classes added to the guild so then if someone has some real life obligations on raid days, we can still fill the spots we need filled.

Druid - 2 Feral Tanks, 2 Boomkins
Hunter - 2 good dps hunters
Mage - 1 Frost, 1 Fire
Paladin - 1 Holy, 1 Protection
Priest - 2 Shadow, 2 Holy/Disc
Rogue - 1 Combat
Shaman - 2 Elemental, 2 Enhancement, 2 Resto
Warlock - 2 Affliction
Warrior - 2 Protection

This set up will allow us to have multiple Kara groups, thus gearing people up quickly. I would like to recruit people who are at least somewhat geared, meaning some Heroic gear and/or tier 4 equivalent at minimum. The following is a loose guideline to go by when recruiting:

Tanks - Uncrittable/Uncrushable
Healers - 1200 +healing
Caster dps - 800 +spell damage, 100 +spell hit
Melee dps - 100 +hit, 1500 AP

Make sure that if you are recruiting, the candidates can make Thurs, Fri, and Sun at 6:30pm server time for our raids, are personable people, and know how to play their class.

The recruiting macro I made up is as follows:

/2. <Fearless Defiance> is recruiting all classes who are level 70, geared to run Kara, Gruul's, Mag's Lair, and ZA. We are currently moving into tier 5 content. PST with spec and experience.

Some questions to ask when someone shows interest are as follows:
What spec are you? (make sure they are a spec we need)
How much +healing/+spell damage/+hit/+AP/Defense have you got?
What is your gear like? (mostly blues/epics preferred)
Do you have any raiding experience?
Can you make our raiding days of Thurs/Fri/Sun at 6:30pm server?
Are you an active player?
You will need Ventrilo and some raiding addons, is that ok?

Make sure to take note of how they answer you and their attitude. We want people who are going to be friendly, share our goals of progressing through end-game content, and willing to improve on their toon. If they answer positively to the above questions, send them an invite. We will check out their skills in Kara and Heroics.

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Recruiting guideline
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